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We’re a team of engineers and operators from the world’s best technology companies. We have built rockets, electric cars and motorcycles, satellite internet constellations, and much more - and now we are working together to fix the power grid.

As the economy electrifies, new infrastructure is required to support growing demand for power and solve the intermittency problem that renewable power generation creates. Batteries are the solution.

Existing forms of battery storage are falling short. Grid-scale storage, which makes up ~99% of storage on the grid today is limited by interconnect queues and long transmission distances. Manual and bureaucratic processes create long queues to get battery projects grid-connected (can be 3-5+ years depending on the ISO) and 1,000s of miles between storage and load causes lower efficiency & creates reliability problems. Home batteries on the other hand are very underpenetrated. Until Base, high costs and the requirement of pairing with solar have limited consumer demand for home storage.  

Base is the scalable battery storage solution for consumers and the grid. We deploy storage assets where grid interconnect already exists (to avoid long queues), co-located with power load (to avoid transmission losses & reliability issues). 

We believe that this is the most important problem of our generation. The energy transition will unlock our abundant renewable energy future, increasing humanity's capacity for power consumption and bringing affordable and reliable power to the world - Base is here to build the foundation.

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