Rising Prices and Increasing Outages in Texas:

How Base Power is Leading the Charge in Energy Resilience

The energy landscape in Texas is becoming increasingly unpredictable, marked by soaring electricity prices and more frequent power outages. February 2021’s winter storm, which resulted in over 4.5 million homes losing power and caused 57 deaths along with $195 billion in property damage, starkly highlighted the state's grid vulnerabilities. This scenario underscores a pressing need for innovative solutions in energy storage and distribution to prevent such disasters in the future.


The Challenge: A Strained Grid and Rising Costs

Texas faces unique energy challenges, including a rapidly growing population and an electricity grid that operates independently from the rest of the country. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) often struggles with resource adequacy—having enough power available to meet demand, particularly during extreme weather events. This has led to volatility in energy prices and reliability, impacting Texans' daily lives and economic activities.

In the midst of these challenges, rising energy prices compound the strain on consumers. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), Texas residents experienced an average of 20 hours of power outages in 2021, nearly triple the US average. This high rate of interruptions is connected not only to natural disasters but also to an aging infrastructure that struggles to keep up with modern demands.


Base Power's Innovative Solution

Enter Base Power, a Texas-based energy storage developer and Retail Electricity Provider (REP), which is pioneering a unique approach to address these pressing issues. Base Power’s model focuses on deploying advanced Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in the form of 60kWh lithium-iron phosphate batteries, combined with high-capacity inverters and a robust network management system. These systems are installed behind-the-meter in residential settings, providing customers with reliable outage protection without the need to purchase the expensive hardware themselves.

The company’s approach leverages distributed energy resources (DERs) to enhance grid stability and energy equity. By aggregating the storage capacity of thousands of homes, Base Power can provide critical grid services such as peak shaving, load balancing, and emergency power during outages, effectively turning residential homes into small power hubs that contribute to the overall resilience of the grid.



As Texas continues to face the dual challenges of energy reliability and rising costs, innovative solutions like those offered by Base Power are essential. Base Power is setting a precedent for how companies can play a pivotal role in transforming the energy landscape. By enhancing grid resilience, Base Power is not just reacting to current challenges but actively shaping a more stable and equitable energy future for Texas.

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